Jazz violin and improvisation lessons for bowed instruments in New York city. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the new style or even if you’re a trained jazz cat willing to hear about my methods of approaching improvisation and violin playing.
Skype lessons available as well!

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About my teaching philosophy-

A few years ago a musician I really admire told me how he believes that every musician has to be teaching at some point in his career. He has seen it not only as a suggestion but as an obligation, a responsibility of an artist to pass on his knowledge for the next generations. My life circumstances only make this belief stronger within me year after year.

As a young violinist in Israel that experienced a crisis with Classical music and the Classical school, I’ve been looking around for non-classical violin teachers in vain. I’ve figured out that in order to play the music I want on the violin I’m going to have to teach it to myself, thus becoming an independent learner which is most likely the greatest gift I’ve ever received as a musician and a teacher.

I had to read books, watch videos, ask people how they practice, use my ears because I had no sheet music to any of the songs I wanted to play, I had to explore. I had to criticize myself, I had to remain conscious about my playing and what I think is missing in my playing in comparison to other players, analyze what is it that excites me in one’s music or playing. Most of all, I had the privilege to remain attentive to any new idea being suggested to me, because no one ever taught me what the “truth” is.

Be your own teacher. That is perhaps the only truth I would force upon my students.

As part of my teaching philosophy, I'm seeking to not only teach my students the skills they wish to acquire but to show them how to determine and teach themselves new skills they 'need' or desire to acquire.

With over 8 years of experience teaching private students of all levels and conducting Jazz violin workshops for small groups, I like to incorporate my knowledge in music teaching with other knowledge in learning techniques and education I've acquired through training in psychology, leadership and education, Alexander technique, teaching artistry, meditation and social work.